Bible Fellowship

Our Bible Fellowship groups are smaller community groups whose members study God’s Word together, encourage each other, and share the love and message of Jesus with people in Hartsville, the United States, and in countries around the world. We have classes for members of the entire family from babies to senior adults. Join one of our Bible Fellowship classes at 9:45am on Sunday mornings! You’ll be glad you did!

Sunday Morning Bible Fellowship

Ages: Title: Location: Teacher:
9:45-10:45am Adults 18-24 College and Career Education Building A214 Michael Smith & Ike Coleman
30+ Singles Single Hearted Education A107/Choir Room Donnie Hall
20-35 Couples Young Couples Education A209/210 Doug & Becky Winters
35-55 Couples The Journey I Education A216 Curtis Chapman
35-55 Couples The Journey II Education A211 Brad Lear
30+ Cross Training Life Center C214-216 Dale Walters
40+ Sure Foundation Life Center C218 Clyde Smith
40-60 Rock Solid Life Center C204 Billy Stanley
45+ Spirit Life Center C219 Robert Taylor
50+ Couples New Life Life Center C203 Tony Rummage
45-70 Couples Upper Room Life Center C205 Chuck Huckabee
60-90 Ladies Hallelujah Education A114 Milladeen Carpenter
Joy Life Center C110 Barbara Tyner
Loving Hands Life Center C105 Myrtleen Tyner
Crossroads Life Center C114 John Melton
Bible Blazers Life Center C115 Sid Able
9:45-10:45am Preschool Infants Land of Oohs & Ahs Education A119 Sue Holloman, Mauree Byrd & Sonya Hughes
Toddlers Alphabits Education A118 David & Nancy Matthews
2-3yrs Education A108 Donald & Jena Ross
4-5yrs Education A109 Susan Lear & Rachel Winburn
9:45-10:45am Children 1-2 Grade Education A203 Judy Armstrong, Frankie Atkinson, & Sheila Hodges
3rd Grade Eager Beavers Education A204 Sue Neal &
4-5Grade Education A208  Sandy Batchelor
9:45-10:45am Students 6-8Grade Girls Student B102 Pam Griggs
6-8Grade Boys Student B107 Ricky Hodges
9-10Grade Student B103 Billy Byrd
11-12Grade Student B204 Brian Smith