Worship & Music Ministries

Worship is more than music. It is more than a time-slot on Sundays. It is not a program or a service, but an encounter. It is a connection between God and man in which we recognize who He is and what He’s done for us. It is both joyous praise and humble adoration, and it can occur in both majestic cathedrals and secluded closets. Worship is also common to all people – we all worship something. Too often we focus on “how,” when we should always be focused on “who.”

Praise Band & Praise Team

“Praise the LORD with the lyre; make music to Him with a ten-stringed harp.” -Psalm 33:2

While not many people these days play a ten-stringed harp, the message of Psalms is clear: use any and all instruments to praise God’s holy name! Our Praise Band exists to use their musical talents for His glory by accompanying all worship services.  Likewise, our Praise Team singers continue the idea of “lead worshipers” by providing musical and spiritual leadership for all congregational singing.  A vital part of our music ministry, they rehearse each Tuesday night at 7:00pm.  While this group is always on the lookout for potential new members, the level of music and commitment required best suit experienced musicians.

Children’s Choirs

This spring, Children’s Choir will not meet on Tuesday afternoons. We would like to try something different. Through the spring and summer, Mrs. Tricia will come into the kids’ Bible Fellowship opening assembly and work with the kids two or three Sundays before a scheduled time to sing on Sunday morning. Then, any child who wants to sing during the scheduled service will be able to participate. This way, your kids can be involved in spring sports, dance, Good News Club, etc., and still participate in LBC’s Children’s Choir.

Media Team

In a modern world in which technology is an integral part of our culture, our media team plays a critical role in enhancing each and every worship service.  Whether it’s by running sound or by creating worshipful graphic displays for song lyrics, this group of committed volunteers usually stays behind the scenes while handling all the audio, video, graphics, and recording needs of the church. Participation is open, but a high level of commitment and a basic knowledge of technology is required.  Training is provided.